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Query terminal

Query terminal
Query terminal
  • Query terminal
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    Query terminal
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    HKUST Zhongtian
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The query terminal periodically reads the smart meter information from the collector and transmits it to the corresponding query terminal through the power carrier. The terminal storage is convenient for query. At the same time, the query terminal itself does not have any function of requesting the information of the meter, which will not only affect the data of the meter but also reduce the carrier conflict.
The electricity inquiry terminal and the Bogao three-phase carrier collector use a low-voltage power line carrier as a data communication channel.
Features are as follows:
For pre-paid smart meters, it is convenient for users to query the terminal to clear the received data after power failure, and wait for the collector to re-transmit the current data after the power is turned on. The current remaining power / amount can be queried. The current power consumption can be queried. The periodic power consumption information can be queried. You can check the rate of electricity prices, the number of times you can check the number of times you can query, ** The time when you have recently purchased the power, you can query the amount of electricity you have recently queried, you can query the current amount of electricity, you can query the current ladder electricity price. Academician Song Zhenzhen, a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, initiated the establishment of the Shandong University of Science and Technology ** high-tech joint-stock innovative enterprise in 1997. It takes the energy-saving monitoring industry as the leading industry and integrates product research and development, manufacturing, sales, and teaching practice. Product manufacturing enterprises. The company specializes in the production of multi-user smart meters, multi-user energy meters, pre-paid energy meters and other products. Welcome to inquire! The company fully relies on the university technology and talent advantages of Shandong University of Science and Technology. Since its establishment, the company has successively become a national high-tech enterprise and growth enterprise, a key enterprise in the Internet of Things in Shandong Province, an advanced unit for national key measuring instruments, a qualified unit for measurement assurance confirmation, and a technology center in Tai'an Innovative enterprises in Tai'an City, honest enterprises in Shandong Province, national electronic information industry ** socially responsible enterprises, Shandong SMEs, one enterprise and one technology innovation enterprise, etc., have strong technological research and development capabilities.


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