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Multi-user energy meter

Multi-user energy meter
Multi-user energy meter
  • Multi-user energy meter
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    Multi-user energy meter
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    HKUST Zhongtian Electronics
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Detailed description

Multi-user energy meter is a meter used to measure electric energy. It can detect 36 households (single-phase), 12 households (three-phase), and any combination of single-phase and three-phase households below 36 households.
Multi-user electricity meters have no contact, long life, good encryption type, stable and reliable operation. They can also use the infrared meter reader to collect the remaining power of the user at any time on site, and realize intelligent management through the control machine software. The biggest advantage is that in the case of adding high-power electrical appliances, there is no need to replace the meter, which is convenient to use. The working principle of the energy meter: When the energy meter is connected to the circuit under test, an alternating current flows in the current coil and the voltage coil. These two alternating currents generate an alternating magnetic flux in their iron cores, respectively. ; The alternating magnetic flux passes through the aluminum disk, and induces eddy currents in the aluminum disk; the eddy currents are subjected to a force in the magnetic field, so that the aluminum disk gets torque (active torque) to rotate. The greater the power consumed by the load, the greater the current through the current coil, the greater the eddy current induced in the aluminum disc, and the greater the torque that causes the aluminum disc to rotate. That is, the amount of torque is proportional to the power consumed by the load. The greater the power, the greater the torque, and the faster the aluminum disc rotates. When the aluminum disc rotates, it is also affected by the braking torque generated by the permanent magnet. The braking torque is in the opposite direction to the active torque; the magnitude of the braking torque is proportional to the speed of the aluminum disc. Bigger. When the active torque and the braking torque reach a temporary balance, the aluminum disc will rotate at a uniform speed. The power consumed by the load is proportional to the number of revolutions of the aluminum pan. When the aluminum plate rotates, it drives the counter to indicate the consumed power. This is the simple process of the energy meter.
Main functions and technical features:
1. The meter structure adopts modular design with strong anti-interference ability;
2. With real-time power display function, real-time display of the user's power load;
3. It can measure and detect 36 households (single-phase) or 12 households (three-phase) at the same time. The meter box is small in size and easy to install;
4.Using a dedicated electric energy meter measurement circuit, the measurement period is short, the accuracy is high, and the performance is stable;
5. Accurate measurement, long service life, effectively prevent power theft, and facilitate management;
6. With power loss phase indication function;
7. Three-phase internal power supply, lack of power phase, the meter works as usual;
8. The meter's incoming and outgoing wires use special terminals to facilitate field construction.


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