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RF card prepayment water meter

RF card prepayment water meter
RF card prepayment water meter
  • RF card prepayment water meter
  • 【product name】
    RF card prepayment water meter
  • 【Product number】
    ZTS / ZTSJ type
  • [Product Specifications]
    DN15, DN20, DN25
  • 【product brand】
    HKUST Zhongtian
  • 【product price】
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Detailed description

【product description】
The product is based on a rotary wing water meter, with advanced microcomputer technology as the core, and a combination of motor control valves and electronic circuit controllers. It is a high-tech electromechanical integrated smart water meter that integrates functions such as metering, prepayment, status display, low water volume and fault alarm. It avoids the many inconveniences and hidden dangers brought by customers when reading meters, reduces management costs, saves water resources, and modernizes the level of property services.

★ The movement adopts high-intensity water meter movement, which does not pollute water quality, has stable and reliable performance, metering **, and long service life;

★ Integrated design, compact and reasonable structure, waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-condensation, anti-vibration, dust-proof, strong magnetic interference;

年; ★ Powered by long-life lithium battery, and low voltage loss motor with low power consumption and large output torque is used to ensure the battery life is more than 6 years;

★ The valve adopts stainless steel floating ball valve, with small pressure loss, small switching resistance and low power consumption;

★ Adopting advanced logical encryption technology to ensure user data ** and reliability;

★ The starting flow is small and the accuracy is more **;

★ Unique battery installation design, convenient for users to replace the battery;

★ Automatic valve maintenance, regular rotation, timely cleaning of valve scale to prevent valve scaling and rust.

★ After the power is cut off, the data such as accumulated water and remaining water are automatically saved. If necessary, it can be transferred in or out through the RF card.

[ Main function ]

★ High-precision water metering;

★ Pre-paid water fee: users buy water before using it, and close the valve to stop the water if they are in arrears;

液晶显示可用水量、累计用水量、阀门状态、电池状态等诸多信息; ★ Information display: LCD displays the available water quantity, accumulated water consumption, valve status, battery status and many other information;

★ Data viewing: Users can view the remaining water and cumulative water consumption information in the table through the user card;

★ Data readback: Relevant information can be brought back to the management system when purchasing water to facilitate understanding of the user's water usage and the status of the meter;

★ Remaining reminder: when the remaining water is lower than the set value, the user is prompted to purchase water in a timely manner, and the valve is closed to remind the user to purchase water. The user can use the remaining water after swiping the card, and it will automatically close at zero

型具有该功能); ★ Ladder pricing: Automatically segment pricing for the amount of water used by users ( ZTSJ has this function);

★ Shut-off alarm: support under-pressure shut-off valve, magnetic interference shut-off valve and power-off shut-off valve to effectively prevent water theft.

★ Hoarding limit: When the sum of the remaining water and the current water purchase exceeds the set value, the water meter does not read the water purchase in the card.

★ Supports multiple cards with one card, which can realize one-card management of water meters, electricity meters, gas meters, heating meters, etc.

【Standards compliant】

《封闭满管道中水流量的测量饮用冷水水表和热水水表》 National standard GB / T778-2007 "Drinking cold water meter and hot water meter for measuring water flow in closed full pipes"

《饮用冷水水表**规则》 Industry Standard CJ266-2008 ` ` Rules for Drinking Cold Water Meters **

IC卡冷水水表》 Industry standard CJ / T133-2012 " IC card cold water meter"
【Product number】

[ Technical indicators ]

压力损失等级Δ p63(0.063MPa) ★ Working pressure: ** Large working pressure: 1.0MPa pressure loss level Δ p63 (0.063MPa)

电压: 3.0V静态电流:≤ 6uA ★ Battery and working voltage: lithium manganese battery CR17450 voltage: 3.0V quiescent current: ≤ 6uA

命:锂电池:≥ 6+1年 ★ Battery and working life - life: lithium battery: ≥ 6 + 1 years

年 ★ Data retention: ≥ 10 years

℃~ 30 ℃;相对湿度0%100% ; ★ Conditions of use: medium temperature of cold water meter: 0.1 ℃ ~ 30 ℃; relative humidity 0%100% ;

级 ★ Accuracy level: Level 2

104m3 ★ Scale range: ( 10-4104 ) m3

★ Base table material: copper case

[ Technical parameters ]

[ External dimensions ]


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