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Centralized smart meter

Centralized smart meter
Centralized smart meter
  • Centralized smart meter
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    Centralized smart meter
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    HKUST Zhongtian
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The centralized energy meter is mainly composed of three parts of each household energy metering unit, single-chip microcomputer system and output. Energy measurement unit for each household: It is mainly composed of voltage and current sampling and special energy meter chip. Single-chip computer system: It is an intelligent data acquisition processing and control unit. Output part: It mainly includes public display, external communication and control interface.

Smart meters are smart terminals for smart grids. They are no longer traditional energy meters. In addition to the traditional electricity meter's basic power consumption measurement function, smart meters have two-way multiple types in order to adapt to the use of smart grid and new energy Intelligent functions such as rate measurement function, user-end control function, two-way data communication function with multiple data transmission modes, and anti-theft power function. Smart meters represent the future development direction of energy-saving smart grids for end users. .

Working principle: Smart meters are developing rapidly in the category of electricity meters. Traditional smart meter users hold IC cards to pay for electricity at the power supply department. The power supply department writes the purchased electricity into the IC card with the electricity sales management machine. Swipe a non-contact IC card (referred to as swipe card for short, the same below), you can switch on the power supply, and then remove the card after power supply. When the remaining power in the table is equal to the alarm power, the power failure alarm (or buzzer alarm) is triggered. At this time, the user can restore the power supply by swiping the card in the sensing area. Once the card is paid again to purchase electricity, electricity can be restored. The new smart meter has realized bank and network power supply. Users can purchase electricity through the company's business window, cooperative banks, third-party electricity sales agencies and networks, which greatly facilitates users.


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