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DF 1.5 (6) A multi-user energy meter

DF 1.5 (6) A multi-user energy meter
DF 1.5 (6) A multi-user energy meter
  • DF 1.5 (6) A multi-user energy meter
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    DF 1.5 (6) A multi-user energy meter
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    HKUST Zhongtian
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Detailed description
[Product introduction]
Multi-user energy meter is a fully electronic intelligent multi-user energy meter. It uses a single-chip micro-controller as its core and adopts a fully modular structure. It can simultaneously measure the power consumption of multiple users and independently monitor each user's power consumption. Power consumption status, the cumulative power consumption or remaining power of each user is displayed cyclically. And can achieve online and wireless communication management. It can achieve household detection, centralized installation, and centralized management, and fundamentally eliminate various theft and leakage phenomena, and reduce many power disputes and accidents.
[Functional classification]
Remote transmission type (Y type): It has the basic measurement function, and can realize remote automatic meter reading online or handheld infrared terminal to realize manual meter reading on site.
Control type (K type): It has control functions such as prepayment and overload protection. Can be managed by dedicated line communication or radio frequency card communication.
Type ** (Type A): It can realize vicious load identification, dual loop, triple loop, etc. control online. For apartment users.
[Load classification]
Direct access: 10 (40) A,
Direct access: 15 (60) A
Secondary access type: 1.5 (6) A
[Technical Features]
Independent central processors: communication, measurement and display are processed by different PIC microcontrollers ** to ensure orderly data processing;
Modular structure design: vertical and vertical structure design, strong and weak electrical shielding isolation to avoid electromagnetic interference between each other;
Variable combined metering group: single-three-phase can be set in any combination, and it can measure and monitor the power consumption status of 39 single-phase or 13-phase 13 households at the same time;
User-friendly display interface: dynamic scanning output from house to house, which can display the current meter number, single and three-phase settings, power consumption or remaining power, current power and phase loss reminder;
Stable and flexible communication line: The communication line is connected to the lightning protection module, which effectively avoids the damage of the equipment caused by the surge current. The communication rate is flexibly set and can support multiple transmission methods such as 485, TCP / IP, telephone network, GPRS, and fiber ;

Technical Parameters:

Working voltage: AC380V / AC3 * 220V
Calibration current: 1.5 (6) A
Accuracy level: 0.5S levelStarting current: 0.5% Ib
Self power consumption: 6W

Pulse constant: 5000imp / kWh


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