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Query terminal

Query terminal
Query terminal
  • Query terminal
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    Query terminal
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    HKUST Zhongtian
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Name: Query terminal model: ZTCX-02
Monochrome 12864 LCD display
12 independent keys working voltage: AC220V
Working current: ≤15mA
RS485 bus interface, can be directly connected to the current energy meter RS485 network built-in lightning protection function independent background management software, compatible with "Shanke Zhongtian Energy Saving Power Management System" user profile information has "automatic update" and "manual update" Two modes: one query terminal ** can query up to 99 39 household meters, which is equivalent to 3861 households; one community ** can install up to 99 query terminals, which is equivalent to 382239 households' electricity information, which is suitable for all types of electricity of our company Table dimensions: 242mm × 110mm × 46mm Installation dimensions: 227mm × 94mm × 46mm


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