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  • The IC card transmits data to realize data readback, including: reading back the total power, remaining power, accumulated power purchase in the table, total number of power purchases and other information. Store table constants, initial values, user address, name and other information.
  • In more and more places, the power supply bureau has begun to comprehensively replace smart multi-user meters and build remote automatic meter reading systems.
  • As one of the intelligent instruments, the multi-user smart meter is no longer a simple hardware entity, but a combination of hardware and software.
  • When the electric energy meter is connected to the circuit under test, an alternating current flows in the current coil and the voltage coil. These two alternating currents generate an alternating magnetic flux in their iron cores, respectively.
  • Multi-user smart meters are also called cluster meters. They are mainly used in high-rise buildings, shopping malls, campus dormitories, and large communities to facilitate centralized processing.
  • How much do you know about multi-user smart meter knowledge? We are a manufacturer specializing in the production of various multi-user meters, pre-paid meters and other smart meters
  • Electricity meters can be said to affect thousands of households, and also how much users pay for electricity, so users are more concerned about electricity meters
  • The main characteristics of the current electricity tariff marketing management model are: customers use electricity first and pay later. Because some users have bad credit, business risks and economic benefits are objective
  • Because multi-user smart meters need to measure and store user power consumption, their data storage reliability is very important.
  • With the development of intelligence now, let everyone know about the extensive use of multi-user energy meters for various industries currently in use.
  • Multi-user smart energy meter has functions such as overload power failure alarm, remote control of power outage (sending), reading of meter power, and time-of-day metering. The multi-rate function is to measure the electricity in time, that is, to divide the 24 hours a day into several periods (peak, peak, flat, valley). Peak hours: peak electricity consumption, most expensive electricity price (higher than the basic electricity price), peak hours: peak electricity consumption, electricity prices second (higher than the basic electricity price)
  • With the development of intelligence now, let us know about the extensive use of multi-user smart meters in various industries currently in use.
  • Partial power failure may be due to the appearance of a single unit, or due to the natural aging of the fuse, or it may be caused by a short circuit or a ground fault.
  • Multi-user smart meters are currently the smart meters with better efficiency and higher device success rate, simple application, good function, low price and high cost performance.
  • Centralized multi-user energy meter remote transmission system is mainly composed of remote transmission meter (multi-user energy meter) transmission network, repeater, communication adapter main control computer and system software.
  • Shockproofing is to avoid falling as much as possible, or shock with a certain acceleration.
  • With the continuous improvement of China's national economy, as the basic energy industry of the national economy, of course, the power industry must also pay, and at the same time, the dependence of various industries on electricity has increased significantly.
  • The meter plays an important role at any time, and now with the advancement of technology, many smart meters have been born. Among them, the popular ones are multi-user smart meters, prepaid meters and other good products, which are promoted with good characteristics. To the development of society.
  • At present, smart meters are steadily progressing in the development of the industry. Analysis of the current situation, in the next few years, our multi-user smart meters and other smart meters will continue to grow at a sustained rate.
  • With the further development of science and technology, we are increasingly inseparable from them while enjoying the convenience brought by them. At home, electrical appliances are more common. Although many are also energy-saving, they will still be used in a month Less electricity, I always feel like I ’m not doing anything
  • We should be familiar with electric meters, because multi-user electric meters must be used in life, especially now that technology is constantly developing, and various high-tech products are constantly pouring into people's lives.
  • At present, the cost control functions of domestic cooperative multi-user energy meters are divided into two types: semi-active and full-active.
  • Multi-user smart meter manufacturers told us that for us multi-user smart meters can really assist us in completing our calculation of electricity usage and also avoid our traditional meter reading mode.
  • Many customers feel that the electrical appliances in the home have been completely closed, but the meter is still running, and the meter light is still flashing.
  • The function of multi-user smart meters is more comprehensive than traditional meters, and it is more close to our daily needs. In fact, not only is the function of our multi-user smart meters superior to traditional meters, but also other aspects Discover some of the advantages of our multi-user smart meters.
  • Multi-user smart meters have the characteristics of household metering, centralized collection and loop display, small size, high accuracy, and more importantly, safety and reliability. They can also ensure that electricity is not wasted.
  • Compared with traditional electricity meters, multi-user smart meters have a clearer functional orientation, and multi-user smart meters must have the characteristic of intelligence. The entire power grid situation can be recorded and observed, and data can be transmitted.
  • With the continuous upgrading and promotion of China's power grid transformation, the demand for multi-user meters in China remains in a very strong season, especially in the next few years, China's smart multi-user meters will continue to grow. It also shows that the development of China's electricity meter industry has a good development trend.
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