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Describe how to solve the multi-user energy meter power failure

Views: 信息来源:山东科大中天电子有限公司 发布时间:2019/11/11 Source of information: Shandong University of Science and Technology Zhongtian Electronics Co., Ltd.Release time: 2019/11/11

Imagine that a few years ago, we were still waiting for the people who came to the meter to come to read the meter. This seems to be the scene of yesterday. Now we have switched to using the multi-user energy meter and entered the era of smart meters. The development history of the meter is not very long, but the speed of development is immeasurable. The development process of smart meters is not very smooth. There are also many problems in the process of implementation. We also need our people to accept and monitor them. Attitudes and supply will be developed by innovation. With the continuous improvement of skills, our electric meters are also constantly improving and improving, so our electric meter skills are more rigorous, and the value display is more and more clear, which is more and more convenient in our daily application process.

When referring to the tripping of multi-user energy meters, in addition to normal power outages in general appearance and power supply systems, sudden power outages are random. Large-scale power outages include power outages in power distribution rooms, power outages due to lightning strikes, and partial power outages. Power may be caused by a single external power failure due to the natural fuse aging of a secure fuse, or it may be caused by a short circuit or ground fault. Therefore, in the case of power failure, it is advisable to find the cause of the skill and then take targeted measures.

If the external fuse is broken and it is still safe after replacement, it indicates that there are short circuits and ground faults. Therefore, we need to check the power supply line. If it is the trip condition mentioned in the previous paragraph, we can go to the main switch to find the button It can be started from scratch. There are many buttons on general electric meters, so we must remember to look at the buttons before operating.

Many people suspect that the power consumption of newly installed electric meters is higher than ever. Here is a description of the accuracy of multi-user energy meters. According to China's smart meter factory requirements, all the energy meters in the market have passed China's regulations. The standard is strictly tested, and it can be used only after the inspection is passed. Residents can check whether their watt-hour meters have a verification certificate issued by a statutory authorized verification organization in China. In addition, multi-user energy meters have no mechanical running parts, no mechanical wear, reduced power consumption, more accurate metering, and even small currents will be calculated normally, so we can safely use multi-user energy meters.

The promotion of smart meters is in line with the trend of China's power grid reform. It not only facilitates people's use of electricity, improves the stability of electricity use, but also greatly improves the efficiency of the power sector. It is a multi-benefit benefit.


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