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Analysis of the development advantages of multi-user smart meters

Views: 信息来源:山东科大中天电子有限公司 发布时间:2019/10/12 Secondary source of information: Shandong University of Science and Technology Zhongtian Electronics Co., Ltd.Release time: 2019/10/12

The meter plays an important role at any time, and now with the advancement of technology, many smart meters have been born. Among them, the popular ones are multi-user smart meters , prepaid meters and other good products, which are promoted with good characteristics. To the development of society.

Science and technology are great, and many new products have been invented, such as intelligent products such as multi-user smart meters and pre-paid water meters, which have dramatically changed our lives and invented more benefits.

Everyone should know that electricity occupies an important position in our daily lives. For this, in order to continue the development of society, electricity meters also need to be continuously improved. Traditional electricity performance can no longer satisfy our needs. In this context, multi-user intelligence The birth of electricity meters has gradually brought us into the era of intelligence, which is of great significance for development.

The important thing is that with multi-user smart meters in the home, we can know the power situation of our own home at any time, so that we can plan electricity consumption ourselves and save electricity costs. It is appropriate and convenient, and the meter has higher accuracy than ordinary meters, long-distance information transmission, Balance alarm, convenient payment, and fast recovery from power failure can realize long-distance monitoring, which is an important part of realizing smart grid.

The multi-user smart meter consists of an LCD liquid crystal display, a power purchase card slot, a pulse indicator, a trip indicator, and an information query key. When the screen is normal, the remaining amount and the total used power are displayed cyclically. When the remaining amount in the table is lacking, the screen backlight is actively turned on and the alarm red light is always on, prompting residents to purchase electricity as soon as possible.

Customers can query the total active power of the previous month (the difference from the current indication is your current power consumption) and the total active power of the previous two months by pressing the query button on the energy meter (the only button at the bottom right of the energy meter display). Power (the difference from the total active power in the previous month is your power consumption in the last two months), number, table number, time, date, fault code, current power price, and other information.

It can be seen that the emergence of multi-user smart meters has played an important role in saving our electricity consumption. Regarding the protection of the environment, we have also made our own efforts to save resources, and the development prospects are appropriately broad.


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