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Multi-user energy meter leads smart life

Views: 信息来源:山东科大中天电子有限公司 发布时间:2019/10/1 Secondary source of information: Shandong University of Science and Technology Zhongtian Electronics Co., Ltd.Release time: 2019/10/1

At present, smart meters are steadily progressing in the development of the industry. Analysis of the current situation, in the next few years, our multi-user smart meters and other smart meters will continue to grow at a sustained rate. And in the development of modern life, smart home appliances for household appliances are gradually increasing. The development of the electric power era has become a sign of social development in our new era. It also means that we can only have the existence of electric meters. Our electric power era provides a basic utility. Electricity guarantee.

According to Xiaobian's understanding, in recent years, most cities in China have been gathering to complete the installation of multi-user smart meter data and low-voltage power users' centralized meter reading systems. Previously, most of our users' electricity consumption was carried out by manual meter reading, manual metering and other means, which caused a large increase in our labor costs and errors in electricity consumption data, which affected our electricity consumption data.

With the development of our new generation of smart network meters and other smart meters and the use of a new generation of smart home appliances, our smart life has opened a new chapter. Compared with traditional electricity meters, smart meters also have a variety of intelligent functions such as power consumption information storage, two-way multi-rate measurement, and user-side control.

In addition, the smart meter uses the low-voltage power line carrier to carry out automatic data transmission, and realizes automatic reading of data such as the energy consumption of the energy meter, which is convenient for residents. When we replaced the smart meter, we only changed the type and copying method of the user-side meter, which did not have any impact on billing and payment. After replacing the smart meter, the accuracy of the meter reading data has been further improved to avoid causing trouble to the people's lives due to manual mistakes and untimely meter reading.

The multi-user energy meter can automatically and regularly read the meter every day to improve the real-time performance of the meter reading, and provide a technical support platform for the majority of power users to accurately query and flexibly pay services. Residents can inquire about the electricity situation in time through the network at any time, and form good electricity habits according to their needs. At the same time, residents can not only use the original electricity payment channels, but also use WeChat, Alipay and other emerging electronic payment channels to pay electricity more conveniently and quickly to realize smart homes.


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