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Simple analysis of the neutral line charging phenomenon

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Simple analysis of the zero line in the home

The power supply for our residents is basically based on the TN-S grounding system. Before this TN-S grounding system transmitted electricity to our home, basically the live, neutral and ground wires were strictly separated. In other words, there should be three wires in our home, one of which is live wire L, one is neutral wire N, and the other is the so-called ground wire. In fact, it is a special protection wire PE. Of course, the above analysis is based on the situation of single-phase power supply in households. Three-phase power is another case.

This zero line in the family should be the working zero line, represented by the letter N. The so-called working zero line means that it needs to participate in the work of the circuit. However, this neutral line is before the neutral point of the transformer, because it is unified with the ground line, which means that there should be no voltage between the neutral line and the ground, that is, the neutral line we usually say is no electricity.

Simple analysis of the neutral line charging phenomenon

The so-called neutral line is charged. If we use a professional voltage measurement tool, such as a multimeter or a digital electric pen, or an ordinary electric pen to measure the neutral line, a multimeter or a digital electric pen will display the voltage value; The indicator of the ordinary electric pen will light up, which means that the voltage of the neutral wire to ground has appeared. In other words, the neutral line is charged at this time, and it is very dangerous after the neutral line is charged.

Another situation is that many friends operate with electricity when the lights are turned off. Of course, this is an illegal operation. But when the hand touched the neutral line alone, it was suddenly charged. In fact, this is also explained from another aspect, this has been charged with the neutral line. Attention needs to be paid at this time.

Cause Analysis of Neutral Line Live

The neutral line is electrified. If you analyze it from its essence, in fact, I personally think that the resistance of the neutral line circuit is too large. Then personally think that if the same current is still passed, its voltage will inevitably rise. At this time, our neutral line is charged. There are three main situations that lead to the neutral line being charged.

** A situation where the neutral line in the home is charged is a breakpoint somewhere in the circuit of the neutral line, which means that the neutral line is broken. Then this part before the hot line and the neutral line are disconnected will cause the neutral line outgoing voltage. This is the most common situation where the neutral is charged.

The second case is that the connector somewhere in the entire circuit of the neutral line has a virtual connection, which is a phenomenon commonly known as poor contact. Poor contact will lead to an increase in the resistance there. After the increase in resistance, the voltage of this neutral line will also increase, causing a certain voltage to appear on the neutral line.

The third case is the damage of the neutral wire in a segment. This damage is caused by a long-term overload or other causes of the wire itself. For example, ** common oxidation of a joint, which is also the resistance that makes it **, the result is that the voltage is increased, and the neutral line is charged.

How to solve the neutral line live

The first thing to do is to cut off the power. Do not continue to use it until you have your hair. Then go to a professional electrician to repair it for us. After all the faults in the circuit are eliminated, we close the switch and continue to use it. Do not make the circuit work with disease, the consequences are getting worse. When handling the neutral line charge, you can proceed as follows.

** One method is to use the on / off block of a multimeter to measure whether there is a disconnection somewhere on the zero line in this circuit. At this time, it is necessary to use the two hands of the multimeter to connect to the two ends of the neutral line, and then set the multimeter to the beep file. If the indicator flashes and beeps, it means that the neutral line is a path and there is no open circuit; There is a disconnection somewhere, then we need to find it step by step.

The second method is to measure the resistance of the neutral line. Everyone must pay attention to the measurement after power off. If the resistance of the neutral wire is found to be too high, then there is a problem with the wiring or the connector here. Then we need to disassemble the connector there, and then carefully check and handle. If you find that the resistance of a certain section of wire is too high, you need to pull out the broken wire and replace it with another wire.

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