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Technical introduction and development prospect of multi-user energy meter

Views: 信息来源:山东科大中天电子有限公司 发布时间:2019/7/18 Source of information: Shandong University of Science and Technology Zhongtian Electronics Co., Ltd.Release time: 2019/7/18

Multi-user energy meter with high measurement accuracy, strong overload capacity, low power consumption, stable and reliable functions, small size, light weight, and convenient operation; easy to complete management, and accustomed to industrial, agricultural, civilian and other collective electricity measurement needs of different users.
是以MCU为中心、以大规模电量收集模块而构成的一种电量数据收集外表,具有多用户电量收集、数据长途传输、用户供电控制、复费率电量计量等优越功用,体积小,功用强,深受会集供电场所如高校学生宿舍、智能化小区等用户欢迎。 Multi-user energy meter is a kind of power data collection appearance composed of MCU as the center and a large-scale power collection module. It has multi-user power collection, long-distance data transmission, user power control, and multi-rate power metering. Small and powerful, it is welcomed by users who gather power supply places such as college student dormitories and intelligent communities. In order to improve the flexibility of the appearance, there are some programmable parameters, such as appearance number, number of measuring households, communication rate, meter pulse constant, time value of the multi-rate period, power supply status of each household, etc., and its measured data, that Power consumption of each user. Once these data are disturbed and damaged, not only can the appearance not work normally, but also cause economic losses to the user and cause economic disputes. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the reliability, reliability and non-volatileness of the data.
The electricity consumption of each user is converted into a pulse amount proportional to the electricity by a large-scale energy measurement integrated circuit. After the photoelectric coupling circuit, the switch input interface is taken into the memory by the CPU, and the CPU according to the collected pulse amount , Accumulate the power consumption of each user, store it in the non-volatile memory, and display the power consumption of each household in turn by the display circuit. The long-distance transmission of measurement data is completed through the long-distance communication interface circuit.
The multi-user energy meter 's meter technology is constantly innovating and has become a major trend in the future of the meter. The multi-user energy meter is intelligent **, does not occupy a large space and does not affect the appearance of the building. What's more important is that the multi-user electricity meter eliminates the trouble of manual meter reading, and the power company is more convenient to manage, and it is even more commendable that it has promoted the progress of people's awareness of energy saving. Multi-user meters have so many benefits that they are increasingly welcomed by buildings and construction.


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