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Differences between multi-user smart meters and traditional meters

Views: 信息来源:山东科大中天电子有限公司 发布时间:2019/7/12 Source of information: Shandong University of Science and Technology Zhongtian Electronics Co., Ltd.Release time: 2019/7/12

Now, the number of multi-user smart meter devices has been climbing year after year, and has repeatedly achieved good results. While vigorously supporting the smart grid project, China has called on the entire society to join the IoT big data artificial intelligence industry. Multi-user meters are only one center of the industry. , Everything can be connected to the Internet of Things, and the Internet of Things we know is a big platform, this platform covers a wide range, basic things can understand, and can make a difference, intelligence is an element of an era The multi-user meter is a specific manifestation of intelligence and the Internet of Things.
Multi-user energy meter is a meter used to measure electric energy. It can detect 36 households (single-phase), 12 households (three-phase), and 36 households with a single three-phase deliberate combination of energy meters commonly known as multi-user meters.
The multi-user meter power supply part can easily complete the charging and payment, which is entirely based on the smart grid, which is a significant scientific and technological achievement of the Internet of Things. Users can now complete the smart meter in the community through the smart grid currently being established. , Electricity fee inquiry, electricity fee payment, electricity purchase operation, transaction processing and other functions, this is the intelligent power consumption mode under the network, which will further complete the user's living standard
In recent years, with the rapid expansion of electric power projects, the penetration rate has accelerated to form electricity meters to improve the power grid. The power grid relies on the Internet of Things, and all supporting facilities are developed. Therefore, in the future, smart meters will eventually become an important part of the smart grid. Although there are few people who know the smart grid now, they do n’t know too much. Each multi-user electricity meter leaves the power plant and will pass three rigorous inspections before returning to the user's home for installation. After passing the manufacturer's qualified test, the unqualified ones will be returned to the factory and made from scratch
The traditional electricity meter checks the number of meters from house to house, and many older generations of electric power workers are mournful. If the house meets no one, they will come again. Hundreds of thousands of households can see The pressure of reading the meter is very large, climbing from the bottom to the top, the body is tired, it is prone to error hallucinations, the counting is not **, the error is large, and the disadvantages of the traditional electricity meter can be seen. More in demand.


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