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Basic introduction and installation of prepaid energy meters

Views: 信息来源:山东科大中天电子有限公司 发布时间:2019/5/14 Source of information: Shandong University of Science and Technology Zhongtian Electronics Co., Ltd.Release time: 2019/5/14

Pre-paid energy meters are also known as quantitative energy meters and IC card energy meters. In addition to having the metering function of general energy meters, in particular, users first buy electricity, and can only use electricity after buying electricity. If the user does not buy electricity again, the power will be automatically disconnected to terminate the power supply.

There are two general pre-storage methods for pre-paid meters, one is code type, and the other is card type.

The write card type writes the pre-purchased power or amount into the commonly used electronic card (memory), and delivers it to the user holding the electronic card to the matching meter for communication, and the pre-purchased value is automatically sent to the electricity meter. Electronic cards or IC cards, also called power purchase cards, are made of special IC chips through special packaging. Commonly used power purchase cards are divided into contact and non-contact types according to communication methods.

Installation and use
1. The meter is qualified when tested in the original factory and sealed with a seal. It can be installed and used. If it is not sealed or stored for a long time, the relevant department should be checked and sealed again before installation and application.
2. The meter should be installed in a dry and ventilated place. The bottom plate on which the meter is installed should be fixed on a sturdy, fire-resistant wall that is not prone to vibration. The height of the meter is about 1.8m.
3. Install and wire as shown in Figures 1 and 2. Tighten the power supply screws and tighten the connection plate in the end button box.
4. After the transformer-connected watt-hour meter displays its ratio, it must be the actual power.
5. Operation display: During the operation of the electricity meter, the remaining amount in the meter, the amount of electricity purchased, the total purchase amount, the total power consumption, the user number, and the constant are displayed in turn.
6. Over-capacity alarm: During the operation of the meter, if the “alarm indicator” flashes quickly, it warns the user that the capacity has been exceeded. If the watt-hour meter is set to the over-capacity power-off limit capacity mode, after the over-capacity is used for 1 minute, the brake will be opened for 3 minutes; if the user inserts the card, the power can be restored immediately.


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