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Many features of multi-user smart meters you may not know about

Views: 信息来源:山东科大中天电子有限公司 发布时间:2019/4/29 Source of information: Shandong University of Science and Technology Zhongtian Electronics Co., Ltd.Release time: 2019/4/29
Multi-user smart meter is a new type of pre-paid energy meter, which can be used by 39 single-phase or 13 three-phase users at the same time (single-phase and three-phase can be mixed on the same meter), using high-frequency RF card (M1 As a link for data transmission, the M1 card has the advantages of no contact, anti-attack, large capacity, good encryption, stable data transmission, and long service life. The meter can also be connected via RS485, and 500 meters can share a card reader. Users do not need to swipe the card after purchasing electricity, and can automatically collect the power consumption information of each household at any time, which is convenient for the management department to count the monthly power consumption in time. It is an ideal product for electricity measurement and control in enterprises and institutions, urban residential quarters, student apartments, retrofitting of old meters, and high-rise buildings.
With a power failure alarm function, different power failure alarm values can be set according to the power consumption of each household. When the remaining power reaches the power failure alarm value, the household is powered off, and the digital tube flashes when the cycle appears to the power interrupted household. Prompt the user to purchase power in time, and the user can resume power supply after swiping the card; until the remaining power is zero, the power meter is powered off again.
It has the alarm function of power-limiting brake, which can set different power-limiting power for the user. When the user exceeds this set power, the power meter will automatically power off. After the household's power load is reduced, the power meter will automatically restore power.
Dedicated anti-submarine circuit design, cyclically showing the remaining power of each household, prompting users to purchase electricity in a timely manner. Adopting special terminal and double-bolt crimping, it is safe and reliable. Each household can be cleared separately to facilitate management of users who have changed.
Adopting high-power high-quality magnetic persistent relay, the over-current can be strong, and the control is flexible and reliable. Adopt high-frequency M1 radio frequency card, high data transmission stability, non-contact contact, strong anti-attack. Prepayment function, household-by-household metering, household-based control, high accuracy, stable performance, and long service life. It can measure and control 39 household single-phase or 13 household three-phase users' electricity at the same time. The same meter can provide three-phase electricity output or single-phase electricity output at the same time.


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