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Analysis of the difference between several prepaid energy meters

Views: 信息来源:山东科大中天电子有限公司 发布时间:2019/4/14 Source of information: Shandong University of Science and Technology Zhongtian Electronics Co., Ltd.Release time: 2019/4/14

Pre-paid energy meters use IC cards to pre-purchase electricity. The emergence of this type of energy meters has resolutely caused arrears in electricity bills for users in some regions, and has also provided convenience to the power system. Let's introduce the difference between several pre-paid energy meters.

Mechatronic pre-paid energy meter

This type of meter uses the DD862 inductive energy meter as the base meter to achieve energy measurement, plus photoelectric sampling or infrared sampling, and a single-chip microcomputer system to implement data processing and prepayment functions. It has the following characteristics: (1) The base table technology is mature and the performance is reliable. (2) Add electronic components to realize digitization and have functions such as anti-theft. (3) When the electronic part is damaged, the mechanical part can still display data. The main disadvantage is that the base watch usually goes slower and slower with the increase of the running time, and the error increases.

2 Infrared prepaid energy meter

The base meter is also an inductive energy meter. In addition to the characteristics of a mechanical electronic meter, it also adds a set of infrared receiving devices. The energy meter is not operated via an IC card, but via an infrared transmitter. Due to the use of infrared remote control, it is not restricted by the installation height during operation. Of course, because its base meter is the same as the mechatronic pre-paid energy meter, it also has the latter's disadvantages.

3 Electronic prepaid energy meters

This type of table has the following advantages: (1) High measurement accuracy. Although civilian meters generally use level 2 meters, the actual accuracy can easily reach level 1. (2) Measure under the condition of small current, meanwhile, the power consumption of the meter itself is small, generally less than half of the power consumption of mechanical and electrical energy meters, which has energy saving effect. (3) Anti-theft means and other powerful functions, with the function of extended remote meter reading.

4 Card-mounted one-type pre-paid energy meter

Its base meter is an electronic energy meter, which adds a data carrier function to the electronic type, that is, transmits data to a data collector through a power supply line, and the electricity sales management system extracts data from the data collector to achieve remote meter reading and Remote operation function. A data collector of the system can collect data from all energy meters on the low-voltage side of the same transformer. This function has great advantages, which can greatly reduce the workload of the management staff and reduce the work intensity. The disadvantage is that a data collector must be set on the low-voltage side of each transformer. The management system can obtain data from the data collector through a telephone line or a network line and use a modem to achieve remote operation. The system is relatively complicated and the cost is relatively expensive. high.


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