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Features of prepaid energy meters and functions of energy meters

Views: 信息来源:山东科大中天电子有限公司 发布时间:2018/12/20 Source of information: Shandong University of Science and Technology Zhongtian Electronics Co., Ltd. Release time: 2018/12/20

Shandong University of Science and Technology Zhongtian Electronics Co., Ltd. introduces you to the main functional composition and characteristics of prepaid energy meters . The following content is for your reference. Welcome to read. Pre-paid energy meters consist of two main functions:

The first is the energy metering part, which uses a dedicated integrated energy metering chip to calculate the sampling signals of voltage and current, and generates a metering pulse representing the energy directly for energy error verification.

控制部分,根据计量部分的电能脉冲进行电能计算,并通过射频卡接口进行数据交换,同时采用宽温度范围的LCD进行显示。 The second is the MCU MCU control part, which calculates the electric energy based on the electric energy pulses of the metering part, and performs data exchange through the RF card interface, while using a wide temperature range LCD for display.

I. Features of prepaid energy meters :

采用大规模集成电路及SMT加工工艺,保证产品的高可靠性。 1. The use of large-scale integrated circuits and SMT processing technology to ensure high reliability of the product.

预付费电能表功耗低,远远小于国家标准要求:电压线路:≤ 0.7W4VA (国标:≤ 2W10VA )电流线路:≤ 0.3VA (国标:≤ 4.0VA)。 2. The power consumption of the prepaid energy meter is low, far less than the national standard requirements: voltage line: ≤ 0.7W and 4VA (national standard: ≤ 2W and 10VA ) current line: ≤ 0.3VA ( national standard: ≤ 4.0VA).

防窃电功能强,具有防止电表倾斜、外加磁场、短接、反向用电等普通窃电方式,并具有防一火一地的防窃电功能.3. Strong anti-theft function, with ordinary power stealing methods such as preventing the meter from tilting, external magnetic field, short circuit, reverse power consumption, etc., and having anti-theft function for preventing fire and fire.

电度表量程宽,保证在6倍以上过载倍数,电度表具有防潜动逻辑电路,施加125%的电压,电度表无测试脉冲输出。 4. The power meter has a wide range, which is guaranteed to be more than 6 times the overload multiple. The power meter has anti-slip motion logic circuit, which applies 125% of the voltage. The meter has no test pulse output.

电度表工作电压范围宽:在长期误加380VAC时,电度表仍能正常工作。 5. Wide working voltage range of watt-hour meter : When 380VAC is mistakenly added for a long time, the watt-hour meter can still work normally.

Second, pre-paid watt-hour meter function:

、购电量使用完毕自动断电,负荷控制可选择,超负荷延时断电,剩余电量不足报警,提醒用户及时购电。 1. Automatic power-off when the purchased power is used, optional load control, delayed power-off when overloaded, insufficient remaining power alarm, remind users to purchase power in time.

、液晶屏轮显用电信息方便用户查看,同时显示累计电量和剩余电量清晰、直观。 2. The LCD screen displays the power consumption information for the convenience of users to view, and at the same time the accumulated power and remaining power are clear and intuitive.

ISO标准IC卡采用特殊数据动态加密算法,**可靠,一表一卡。 3. ISO standard IC card adopts special data dynamic encryption algorithm, which is ** reliable, one card per table.

、大容量抄表卡,抄表到位、准确,购电卡自动抄回用电信息,方便管理,核对用户信息。 4. Large-capacity meter reading card. The meter reading is in place and accurate. The power purchase card automatically copies the power consumption information for easy management and verification of user information.

、专用设置卡、换表卡,方便管理部登记、维护,采用掉电处理技术,保证掉电30年数据不丢失。 5. Special setting card and meter changing card are convenient for the management department to register and maintain. Power-down processing technology is used to ensure that data will not be lost for 30 years after power-down.

。 The above is a brief introduction about prepaid energy meters for you. For details, please contact the manufacturer hnzxsygs.com .


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