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Multi-user energy meter management method and reasonable design

Views: 信息来源:山东科大中天电子有限公司 发布时间:2018/2/3 Source of information: Shandong Science and Technology University Zhongtian Electronics Co., Ltd
Multi-user energy meters have the main technical characteristics of multi-user centralized meters. Used in conjunction with the transformer to achieve accurate measurement of large currents above 60A. It can simultaneously measure and detect three-phase 8 households and below combinations. According to the needs of users, it can realize remote meter reading or remote control functions for users.

Management style
1. Online communication methods:
RS485 dedicated line mode: RS485 dedicated line mode can be used to achieve remote management of various energy consumption data of users. Local area network method: Use the customer's internal network method to realize remote data transmission based on TCP / IP protocol and remote management of various energy consumption data. Other communication methods: telephone network, optical fiber and other transmission networks, managed by computers.
2. Wireless communication method: infrared handheld terminal method: copy the remaining or power consumption data and pre-sale power through the infrared handheld terminal. The meter data and information can be uploaded to the computer and managed by the management center computer.
** Reasonable design
1. Modular structure design:

Adopt the most reliable PIC microcontroller as the main control chip of the energy meter, and improve the quality of the energy meter from the root. The large-scale integrated circuit is used to collect electrical energy signals, which can measure the electrical energy in both positive and negative directions and accumulate in the same direction, effectively preventing the phenomenon of stealing and leakage. The interfaces between various functional units are standardized to facilitate user upgrades. Longitudinal and vertical structure design, galvanized shielding board is used to separate strong and weak electricity, which can avoid strong electric interference to weak electricity. The internal power supply has three-phase power supply, the power supply is out of phase, and the meter works as usual;
2. Three-core design:
Using three CPUs, communication interaction, measurement, and display are handled by different CPUs, each performing its role, ensuring that pulses are not lost during communication, making measurement more accurate and communication response faster.
3. Display Design
The display CPU is responsible for dynamically scanning the display to avoid the garbled phenomenon of electrostatic radiation display, and also provides the ability to send display data to the second display screen wirelessly or wired. Simultaneous display of power and power, convenient for users to check their own power consumption at any time. (Optional)
4. Communication Design
Communication adopts lightning protection design. When a spike or voltage is suddenly generated in the communication line due to external interference, the shunt can be conducted in a very short time to prevent the surge from damaging other equipment in the circuit. The communication rate can be flexibly set (can be set on site) Change the communication baud rate (300bps--115kbps), and choose a combination of communication methods to achieve real-time communication effects. Provide support for users to upgrade the network.
Various communication methods: 485 bus network, local area network, wireless network, telephone network, GPRS network, optical fiber and other transmission methods.
5. Household measurement design
Multi-user energy meter can measure and detect DF type at the same time: 39 households (single-phase) / 13 households (three-phase), DF-SD type 36 households (single-phase) / 12 households (three-phase) single-three-phase arbitrary combination setting, Convenient for users to allocate resources


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