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Features and application methods of multi-user smart energy meters

Views: 信息来源:山东科大中天电子有限公司 发布时间:2018/1/20 Source of information: Shandong University of Science and Technology Zhongtian Electronics Co., Ltd. Release time: 2018/1/20
Multi-user smart meters are adapted to modern power management requirements, centralized installation, small size, strong overcurrent capability, and metering user power consumption information by household. Through the application-specific integrated circuit, 39 households of single-phase electricity or 13 households of three-phase electricity ** can be detected and cycle-by-house displayed, which makes the management of electricity measurement more rigorous. Through the computer network meter reading and software management, the manpower and material resources are reduced, the occurrence of false reading, omission of reading and human power is prevented, the theft of electricity is prevented, and the conditions for intelligent, automated and scientific electricity management are provided.
There are two types of multi-user meters:
1.Manual meter reading or network meter reading for general measurement
2.The prepaid meter has a power-off function.
main feature
集中检测,集中管理,高亮数码管循环显示用电信息,抄表方便。 1. Centralized detection, centralized management, highlighting the digital tube to display the power consumption information cyclically, and easy to read the meter.
计量范围宽,**计量正、负两个方向电能,防止窃电。 2. Wide measurement range, ** Measure electrical energy in both positive and negative directions to prevent power theft.
电路采用三相电源供电,保证电表主板正常计量。 3. The circuit uses three-phase power supply to ensure the normal measurement of the main board of the meter.
能够显示每户用电功率,准确显示用电负荷。 4. It can display the power consumption of each household and accurately display the power load.
电表内外全部采用双螺丝压线,使用**可靠。 5. Both the inside and outside of the meter use double screw crimping wire, which is the most reliable to use.
严格执行国标GB/T17215-2002标准,电表密封、防止灰尘及颗粒进入。 6. Strictly implement the national standard GB / T17215-2002 standard, the meter is sealed to prevent dust and particles from entering.
自身功耗低,整机功耗小于7VA。 7. Low power consumption, less than 7VA.
Networked mode, infrared meter reading: meter reading: using infrared meter reading data and information can be connected to a computer for data management by the computer. Network mode: It can be managed and controlled by a computer through a 485 bus network, a local area network, and other transmission networks.

具备红外抄表和计算机联网抄表功能, 可显示用户合计电量Multi-user smart meters have infrared meter reading and computer network meter reading functions, which can display the user's total power .


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