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Tips for choosing a home energy meter

Views: 信息来源:山东科大中天电子有限公司 发布时间:2017/12/13 Source of information: Shandong University of Science and Technology Zhongtian Electronics Co., Ltd. Release time: 2017/12/13

: 多用户电能表 , 预付费电能表 , 预付费水表 , 智能网络电表等等,下面我们跟多用户智能电表厂家一起来看一下家用电能表的选购方法 : At present, the energy meters used by our users are generally divided into : multi-user energy meters , pre-paid energy meters , pre-paid water meters , intelligent network meters, etc. Let's take a look at the home energy meter purchase method with multi-user smart meter manufacturers. :

When choosing a household energy meter, users should try to choose an electronic single-phase energy meter. DDS62a 5 20 A 单相电能表,电表常数普通标有 600 转/千瓦时,这表示每耗费 1 千瓦时电,圆盘就转 600 圈。 Regarding the affirmative application of single-phase watt-hour meter, it can be stopped as follows. For DDS62a type 5 ( 20 ) A single-phase watt-hour meter, the meter constant is usually marked with 600 rpm / kWh, which means that each kWh of electricity consumed The disc will rotate 600 times.

600 转/千瓦时的电能表上装有一个 100 瓦的灯泡时, 1 小时就用 0.1 千瓦时电,圆盘应转动 60 圈,每分钟转 1 圈。 It can be inferred that when a 100- watt light bulb is installed on an electric energy meter marked with 600 rpm / kWh, 0.1 kWh of electricity is used in one hour , and the disc should be rotated 60 times, one revolution per minute . The user can look at the watch to measure the speed of the energy meter's disc. If the disc fits the calculation result in a regular time, it is stated that the energy meter is **, otherwise it is clear that there is a problem and it should be sent to the power supply department for correction.

DDS6 型单相电子式电能表,其常数为 1600IMP kwh ,这阐明每耗费 1 千瓦时电,表计就产生 1600 个脉冲数。 For the DDS6 single-phase electronic energy meter, the constant is 1600IMP / kwh , which clarifies that the meter generates 1,600 pulses for each kilowatt hour consumed . 1600TMP kwh 的电子式电表上安有一个 100 瓦的灯泡时, 1 小时就用 0.1 千瓦时电,表计就产生 160 个脉冲数,每分钟约产生 2.68 个脉冲数。 When a user installs a 100- watt light bulb on an electronic meter labeled 1600TMP / kwh , using 0.1 kilowatt-hour electricity in one hour , the meter generates 160 pulses and generates 2.68 pulses per minute . . The user can measure through a stopwatch. If the number of pulses generated in a regular time matches the number of regular pulses, it is clarified that the table is **, otherwise the table is not **.

The above information is provided by multi-user smart meter manufacturers. For more information, please visit our company.


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