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Multi-user energy meters let everyone say goodbye to the difficulty of paying more for electricity bills during peak hours

Views: 信息来源:山东科大中天电子有限公司 发布时间:2017/11/8 Source of information: Shandong University of Science and Technology Zhongtian Electronics Co., Ltd. Release time: 2017/11/8

Multi-user energy meters are used quite frequently, especially in the winter and summer, when the peak period of electricity usage is used. In the previous mechanical meters, they would wear out after long-term operation, and they would easily appear "slower" than standard accuracy Phenomenon, smart meters have to be **, so customers will have the illusion of multi-metering, but the electricity bill will never increase significantly. In addition, there are illegal criminals who steal electricity by wiring behind the meters of other people's homes when they exchange meters, causing customers to pay more for electricity. In this case, the police and power supply companies will crack down!

So with the current standard of living, do you know what has happened in this situation now? That is the emergence of multi-user smart meters, let's say goodbye to the traditional ones that appear during peak hours of electricity use The phenomenon that the meter wears away slowly, and there will be no overpayment of electricity charges, so in this case, everyone knows the benefits of multi-user smart meters, he can help us to get around Better roads, paying electricity bills on time and accurately, especially in winter and summer, let us be more clear about the efficiency of use.


The system is ** reliable. The system database is a large, multi-user database. It is highly flexible, allowing multiple users to use the same database at the same time without destroying the integrity. The data backup function protects the system from man-made malicious attacks. The system borrows from the banking system. The password management mode restricts unrelated personnel from changing the database and hardware settings.

Automatic meter reading and power freeze function. The system dials the data in the collector or meter in turn according to the set meter reading start time and meter reading interval. For data that cannot be copied, the system will automatically make up or manually issue orders to make up. By installing an appropriate master meter and combining the function of copying and freezing data, you can obtain the master meter reading at a specific moment, the readings of each submeter (from which the readings are summed), and the power loss of a certain part of the circuit can be calculated Provide a basis for determining electricity bills.

In many cities, power companies have opened online payment channels. Now citizens can use WeChat, mobile client, electricity recharge card, Alipay, online banking and other methods to completely realize the "without leaving the house" power purchase method. Many multi-user meters implement pre-paid power purchases. This pre-paid meter can be set with a balance reminder function. When the internal balance of the meter is insufficient, the power company will send SMS twice to remind customers to purchase power in a timely manner. Even if you forget to buy electricity and cause a power outage in your home, call the hotline to apply for a remote “emergency power transmission”, and the power supply company can send power to the residents in a timely manner.

Multi-user energy meter consultation URL: http://hnzxsygs.com/

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