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Multi-user electricity meter manufacturers strictly control the quality of electricity meters

Views: 信息来源:山东科大中天电子有限公司 发布时间:2016/10/24 Source of information: Shandong University of Science and Technology Zhongtian Electronics Co., Ltd. Release time: 2016/10/24
Multi-user electricity meter manufacturers strictly control the quality of electricity meters:
Multi-user meter manufacturers talk about: Swipe-type multi-user meters have a power failure alarm, that is, the user is almost out of power. In advance, the user is informed of the power purchase. After the user is powered off, the user can swipe the card to use up the remaining power. It can avoid unnecessary troublesome links such as a lot of users going to the property to check the electricity, and the property notifying the user to purchase electricity. The pre-paid multi-user cluster meter does not require a network line, and only requires a card reader. The user uses the user card to purchase electricity, which is simple and straightforward. Without the network cable, strong electricity and lightning interference are avoided, and the meter is more stable. . Pre-paid multi-user meters can also control the meter to cut off power, so for the property, it is conducive to the control and management of expenses such as property and sanitation fees, and it can also manage and allocate the funds paid in advance.
Multi-user meter manufacturers in Shandong are an important part of smart power consumption. They are the terminal nerves that realize two-way interactive smart power consumption. They support two-way metering, automatic collection, step price, time-of-use price, freezing, control, and monitoring. In addition, smart energy meters can also provide users with many electricity services, including distributed power metering, interactive services, smart homes, and smart communities.
In order to strengthen the management and control of multi-user meter quality, a number of new technical standards are expected to be implemented in the third quarter. At that time, all meter manufacturers must adopt a new approach. However, in order to prevent the market from violent shocks, stricter requirements only involve the meter sample submission process. The entire multi-user meter semiconductor market is being reshuffled. Even before these new standards were promulgated, almost all multi-user meter semiconductor manufacturers had adjusted their product strategies in preparation for meeting the new standards.
Multi-user meters are the same as single-family meters: they can pre-pay electricity, pre-pay alarms, and facilitate management.
Multi-user meter design is centralized, the meter is small in size, the complete box is small, the installation space occupies a small space, and it is easy to install and manage. Once the number of households is determined, it cannot be increased, so in general, there must be a backup circuit (the backup circuit is added according to the specifications in the quote summary). As far as the drawings are concerned, the current size of each household is different, which is more suitable for multi-user meters Design, but the problem of multi-user meters must be dealt with by the manufacturer in a timely manner after sales, so be sure to choose a reliable quality and service-oriented manufacturer.
Multi-user electricity meter manufacturers have a complete range of electricity meters, high quality and low price. Welcome to buy. If you want to know more detailed questions, please call.

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