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Multi-user electricity meter manufacturers talk about the use of prepaid energy meters

Views: 信息来源:山东科大中天电子有限公司 发布时间:2016/10/21 Source of information: Shandong University of Science and Technology Zhongtian Electronics Co., Ltd. Release time: 2016/10/21
Function introduction of multi-user meter manufacturers :
     When inserting a card into the energy meter, the energy meter will give a card insertion prompt. When the card is successfully inserted, the power meter LCD displays "Success". When the card is unsuccessful, a fault message is given; when the energy meter and the card are exchanging data, the built-in buzzer will sound, and the buzzer will turn off after the exchange is completed. Therefore, the user waits for the buzzer to turn off when the card is purchased. Pull out the card.
When the power purchase card is inserted, the meter LCD screen displays "Success" and the power meter displays the remaining power in the meter before the purchase for 5 seconds, and then displays the remaining power in the meter after the purchase for 5 seconds.
Restricted purchase power tips:
Limit the user to input the purchased power into the threshold power of the energy meter. When the remaining power in the user's energy meter is greater than or equal to the purchase limit, the user's current purchase is not accepted, the backlight is on, the LCD display flashes to give the user a prompt, and the prompt disappears after 10 seconds.
Pre-paid energy meter indicator description:
Power indicator (red light): indicates the power consumption status of the user. The greater the power of the electrical load, the faster the frequency of the indicator flashes, and the slower the frequency. When the user is not using electricity, the indicator is always on or off. It is normal in the state. After the power is restored, the lamp continues to flash with the load power.
Multi-user meter manufacturers explain the use of prepaid energy meters:
1. Before the meter opens the account for the first time, please carefully check whether the meter numbers of the card, the meter and the power purchase account book are the same. Only when they are the same, can you insert the meter. Otherwise, the meter cannot be entered for the first time, and please contact the power supply department in time for handling.
2. When inserting the user card, you must leave the electric card in the meter for 10 seconds, and then wait until the LCD of the electric energy meter displays a "success" prompt before pulling out the card and confirm whether the purchased power has accumulated.
3. It is strictly forbidden for the user to quickly pull out and insert the power card. This operation may constitute an error in the data written back to the meter and affect the next normal power purchase. If the E-16 prompt appears when removing the card, please insert the card again and make sure that the card stays in the table for 20 seconds before pulling out the card. This operation ensures that the meter data is correctly written back to the card. The user card should be stored properly and should not be placed in a high temperature, humid, strong magnetic field environment.
4. Account opening card
You can insert the account opening card only if the meter numbers of the user's electricity card, power purchase book (purchase certificate), and user's electricity meter are the same. After inserting the card, you must wait for the card operation success prompt "Success" to appear on the LCD screen. , Before you can unplug the card (or wait 10 seconds).
According to the previous use of CPU card meters, 99% of abnormal power purchases are caused by incorrect card opening. The incorrect card will cause unnecessary labor, material and time costs for you and other related personnel. Multi-user electricity meters The manufacturer welcomes you to visit, if you have any questions, you can contact me in time.

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