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Analysis of China's Smart Water Meter Export Market

Views: 信息来源:山东科大中天电子有限公司 发布时间:2016/10/10 Source of information: Shandong University of Science and Technology Zhongtian Electronics Co., Ltd. Release time: 2016/10/10
Analysis of China's smart water meter export market:
Not only has China's total water meter production accounted for one-third of the world's total, but its export volume has also been increasing in recent years. In 2004, China exported 3,984,180 water meters with an export value of 26.7 million U.S. dollars. According to the latest statistics, in the first 11 months of 2005, a total of 5412416 water meters were exported, a year-on-year increase of 47.9%, and the amount was 38.2 million US dollars, a year-on-year increase of 56.4% . In view of China's water meter exports this year and beyond, industry experts believe that there is still potential for growth, but there are also some uncertain factors. According to relevant statistics, more than half of the more than 200 countries in the world have no water meter manufacturing. Water meter demand is increasing every year.
In addition to economically developed countries such as Western Europe and North American countries, the installation of water meters is in a state of steady and appropriate increase, and only the expired water meters are updated every year. In large numbers of developing countries, the demand for water meters has increased significantly. Russia and its neighbours; and countries with relatively poor economies, such as Africa, are using water meters, and these countries rarely have water meter manufacturing. Therefore, experts are still optimistic about the future trend of the water meter market.
Southeast Asia and the Middle East are the regions where China ’s water meter exports have long been, including Bangladesh, Thailand, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Iran, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos, and so on. Most of these countries use dry magnetic transmission small meters, and there are also volumetric types, such as Sri Lanka, Iran, Nepal and other countries use volumetric water meters.
Smart water meters in this market require relatively low-grade products, and competition is mainly reflected in prices. Therefore, several large domestic water meter manufacturers have basically withdrawn from this market, mainly due to the competition of some small domestic enterprises. Only the Sri Lankan and Iranian markets have basically maintained high grades and high prices. Several domestic large water meter manufacturers still maintain a good market share here.
In recent years, China's water meters have also opened up a certain market in Europe, mainly including Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, etc. In addition, there are five neighboring countries including Russia. The largest export volume is Italy. .
The European market smart water meters mainly present the following characteristics:
1. European countries have high requirements for water meter quality. Imported water meters must pass EEC certification, and must also meet the standards of various countries, such as the German JIN standard and the British BS standard.
2. European water meters are mostly dry magnetic transmission type, liquid sealed type, single flow type and volume type. Most of Italy uses liquid-sealed water meters, and the United Kingdom mostly uses volumetric water meters. Its measurement accuracy grades are higher, speed type B or C, volume type C or D.
3. Most of China's water meters are exported to Europe in the form of OEM. The test prototypes of export manufacturers are certified by the certification agency of the importing country, and then the exported products are marked with the trademark of the importing country's agent before they can be exported.
4. Russia and other five neighbouring countries do not have high requirements for water meters because they have just started installing water meters for economic accounting. In addition, the economic conditions of these countries are not good. For this reason, most of them use low-cost single-flow meters. .
    China's water meter exports to North America are not many, Canada has some, but China has not yet opened the situation of large-caliber water meters exported to the United States market. The water meter styles in the United States are: the small meter is basically a lower-window garden plate including a plate type and a rotary piston type, and a small number is an extended lower-window speed type water meter. At present, the AwwA standard is implemented. The size and flow errors and various technical indicators are different from international standards. However, there are strict regulations on copper materials, such as copper and lead content. Large watch styles include turbine type, duplex type, fire type, remote transmission type, coded type, etc. Each type has its own separate regulations. Generally speaking, it is difficult to export water meters to the US market.

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