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Anti-theft energy meter manufacturers talk about the anti-theft function of anti-theft energy meters

Views: 信息来源:山东科大中天电子有限公司 发布时间:2016/9/27 Source of information: Shandong University of Science and Technology Zhongtian Electronics Co., Ltd. Release time: 2016/9/27
Anti-theft energy meter manufacturers talk about the anti-theft functions of anti-theft energy meters:
分相有功功率、分相电压、分相电流、谐波信息、变压器损耗等。 1. Realize automatic collection of power consumption information. The collected information includes two-way active power, four-quadrant reactive power, total active power, power factor, phase-separated active power, phase-separated voltage, phase-separated current, harmonic information, and transformer loss. Wait.
事件。 2. Automatically record events such as voltage loss, current loss, phase failure, power failure, voltage reverse phase sequence, energy meter zeroing, closing, opening the meter cover, opening button box cover, programming and other events.
    3. Control user load; comprehensive, accurate and fast data statistics.
Anti-theft technology of anti- theft energy meter manufacturers :
1. Undervoltage method.
是线圈上电压降低,这样便可以使得电能表少计量。 Power stealing and undervoltage method: By measuring the voltage loop of the energy meter, the loop of the metering voltage is faulty, so that the voltage coil of the energy meter loses voltage or the voltage on the coil is reduced, so that the energy meter can be less measured.
Anti-theft method: set the voltage threshold and undervoltage threshold. 失压窃电。 If the detected voltage value is lower than the voltage-loss threshold voltage and there is current in the corresponding phase, it is determined that the voltage is stolen. If the detected voltage value is between two threshold voltages, it is determined as undervoltage stealing.
2. Underflow method.
圈无电流通过,或者只通过部分电流,大量的电流没有统计,计量表只能记录很少的电量。 Electricity stealing and undercurrent method: This method is to modify the wiring of the current circuit of the meter, causing a fault in the current loop of the meter, making the current coil of the energy meter pass no current, or passing only a part of the current, and a large amount of current is not counted. The meter can only record very little power. 电路进行检测。 Anti-theft method: Dynamic real-time monitoring of the working condition of the coil, and when abnormal conditions are found, the short circuit and open circuit of the coil are used to detect the special circuit. Electricity theft will be recorded automatically.
3. Phase shift method.
法,来改变电能表线圈中的电压,电流间的正常相位关系,使电能表转慢甚至反转。 Phase stealing method: change the normal wiring of the energy meter or connect the voltage and current without electrical connection with the energy coil. Some use the specific connection method of the inductor or capacitor to change the normal phase relationship between the voltage and current in the coil of the energy meter. , Make the energy meter slow or even reverse. 角不再是120°,或者上述两个条件同时不满足。 Anti-voltage phase shifting stealing method: When the energy meter voltage circuit wiring is wrong, the phase sequence between the three-phase voltages has changed, or the angle between the two vehicles is no longer 120 °, or the two conditions mentioned above are not Satisfy. 不满足,则判为窃电行为。 Detect the two conditions of the phase sequence of the three-phase voltage and the two-inclusive angle. If any one of the conditions is not met, it is judged to be electricity stealing.
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