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Prepaid energy meter company's promotion plan for new products of electricity meter K4G

Views: 信息来源:山东科大中天电子有限公司 发布时间:2014/10/17 Source of information: Shandong University of Science and Technology Zhongtian Electronics Co., Ltd. Release time: 2014/10/17

Prepaid energy meter company Shandong Science and Technology Zhongtian Electronics Co., Ltd. Introduction:

In order to better create a low-carbon life and change people's lifestyles; after three years of trial operation of K4, some problems were found, the reasons were summarized and analyzed, and a new product-K4G was launched on the basis of K4. Based on the design concept of energy saving and environmental protection, we have created a combined, easy to disassemble, humanized and modular product.

K4G has amazing combinations. Through a series of improvements, we have reduced the size of K4G by nearly a quarter compared to the previous generation K4. The material is unified, and the two shells can be combined into any phenotype. However, when you see it, you will still find it more durable. The smooth sheet metal bending process not only strengthens the fuselage, but also gives it a simple beauty. While creating a combined structure, we have optimized the entire process flow to make the use of materials more efficient and the processing accuracy higher. All this not only brings outstanding novelty to K4G, but also makes it extremely convenient to add or subtract the number of households, and you can assemble all the units at will.

K4G introduces the industrial design concept, and integrates the design of the product from the inside to the outside, so that every element of the product is more reasonable and every part is not wasted. Performed human, machine, and environmental analysis on K4G, taking into account the characteristics of the product, pursuing easier processing, more convenient installation, more stable performance, faster delivery, more convenient service, and more convenient operation human nature. K4G is not just a simple combination and assembly, but more importantly, it explains a low-carbon lifestyle.

Here are the improvements and designs we made on the basis of K4:

1. The wide voltage input has been improved from AC180 ~ 260V to AC65 ~ 500V, adapting to the harsh environment of unstable mains power or frequent fluctuations of high-power equipment on and off, which greatly enhances product stability.

2.Modularity **
The product delivery cycle is greatly reduced, and the degree of modularity accounts for more than 99% of the entire table. Mainly manifested in the unified user module into one kind, the terminal board into two kinds, the driver board into three kinds, the copper bar into six kinds, and the shell into two kinds.

3. Convenience of user module A single household adopts an independent measurement and control unit, which integrates relays and sensors into one user module. One user uses one module, which facilitates the addition and subtraction of the number of households, and increases the phase interval from 70mm to 88mm. From the hardware design This eliminates interphase interference and single-family creeping (air running).

4. Significant reduction in product size
** The number of large households changed from 865mm × 373mm × 129mm to 767mm × 400mm × 132mm, and the width of the installation space was reduced by 11%. The 27 products reduced the width from the original 665mm. By 506mm, the width of the installation space was reduced by 24%, the width of 15 products was reduced from the original 395mm to 293mm, and the width of the installation space was reduced by 26%;

5. The shell is integrated from 6 types into 2 types, which can be combined to conduct a deep analysis of K4 to summarize the needs of the unit. All the phenotypes are integrated into 2 types of shells, which are the main and auxiliary machines. These 2 shells can be combined. All phenotypes unify product parts and components, greatly reducing procurement cycle and inventory costs.

6. The housing phenotype is halved, and the on-site setting is convenient and flexible. The main display screen can be adjusted and rotated. For the installation space on the site, a horizontal or vertical installation solution can be adopted without affecting the display reading and operation.
The installation size is more clear. The original 9D, 15D, 24D, 30D, 36D, and 39D are integrated into three installation sizes of 15D, 27D, and 39D (36D), which makes the project design simpler and easier.

7. The product has a simple appearance, and the image highlights the appearance. It has got rid of the rigid and cold image, and replaced it with the design concept of combining points, lines, and surfaces, which ** adds value to the product; makes the product more tension, improves the product grade, and also ** The company image

8. The user-friendly display window of the display and operation interface is changed from a single line to a three-line display, so that the account number, power, and power are not easy to be confused at a glance.
The company website is displayed on the operation interface in the form of a QR code, and the company's website can be accessed at a glance of the mobile phone, so that customers can better understand the company and product information.

9. It is more convenient to integrate circuit board types after sale, make it modular, product maintenance is more convenient, and it is more convenient to increase or decrease the number of households.

10. Five patents are more convincing
K4G has applied for 5 national patents, 1 invention patent, 3 utility model patents, and 1 appearance patent. These fully demonstrate that our products are market-leading. K4G will lead multi-user energy meters to change the market structure for better Laying the foundation for corporate transformation.
11. The "tree structure copper bar" highlights the concept of low-carbon environmental protection.
According to the current principle and the copper discharge flow meter algorithm, the tree-shaped copper bar has achieved a more scientific use of materials. The copper bar is based on meeting the needs of inflowing households, and uses the connection of "trunk" and "branch". At the same time, it also guarantees the current, lower carbon and environmental protection. The "tree-shaped copper bar" is like a tree. It can be combined with various types of household energy meters to meet the needs of more users.

12. Optimized the entire process flow The K4G process flow was optimized to make the use of materials more efficient, more flexible, and more accurate.

13. The material is more sufficient and the structure is better. The shell uses 1mm thick cold-rolled steel plate. The streamlined sheet metal structure design increases its compression and drop resistance. A reasonable sheet metal structure design has higher strength and toughness than products of the same thickness. Strong; 9 bolts are used to connect the main machine and the auxiliary machine, and the connecting parts are fixed with stiffeners, which greatly strengthens the strength of the shell; the connecting bolts between the copper bars at the end are M10 large bolts, which use more material More stable performance.

14, the main technical indicators of the product

Working voltage: AC 3 * 220 / 380V
Accuracy: Class 1.0 Power Consumption: 6W
Starting current: 0.004Ib / 0.005Ib
Ambient temperature: -20 ° C ~ 50 ° C
Calibration current: 10 (40) A / 15 (60) A
Pulse constant: 800imp / kWh / 600imp / kWh

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