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Multi-user energy meter function and its advantages

Views: 信息来源:山东科大中天电子有限公司 发布时间:2014/9/5 Secondary source of information: Shandong University of Science and Technology Zhongtian Electronics Co., Ltd. Release time: 2014/9/5
Multi-user energy meter is a fully electronic intelligent multi-user energy meter, which is widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, urban and rural residential quarters, student apartments, rural power grids, old building renovation, high-rise building electricity measurement, and can effectively prevent various Electricity leakage and power disputes.
Its definition: Multi-user energy meter is a meter used to measure electric energy. It can detect 36 households (single-phase), 12 households (three-phase) and any combination of single-phase and three-phase households below 36 households.
Multi-user Energy Meter Features:
1. Dedicated anti-submarine watchdog circuit design, minimal submergence. 2. The remaining power of each household is displayed cyclically to remind users to purchase electricity in a timely manner.
3. It can measure and control 24 household single-phase or 8 household three-phase users. 4. Adopting special terminal and double-bolt crimping line, the use is reliable.
5. Each household can be cleared separately, which is convenient for the management department to manage the changed users. 6. Adopting high-power high-quality magnetic holding relay, strong over-current capability, sensitive and reliable control.
7.Using high frequency M1 radio frequency card, high data transmission stability, non-contact contact, strong anti-attack. 8. Prepayment function, household-by-household metering, household-based control, high accuracy, stable performance, and long service life.
9. With power failure alarm function, the digital tube flashes when the cycle is displayed to the power-off household, indicating that the household has been powered off. 10. The remaining power can be collected by an infrared meter reader, and the data can be imported into the computer, which is convenient for the management department to perform power consumption statistics and analysis.
Meter reading method:
1. Manual meter reading: Read directly from the data display window.
2. Infrared meter reading meter reading: use the infrared meter reading meter to capture electricity, which can be directly printed on a micro printer or online through a computer to print user information, electricity, electricity bills, etc.
3. Remote network meter reading: The meter reading system uses the RS485 bus to remotely capture electricity and manage electricity and expenses.
Better EMC performance. The use of chips and design solutions has gathered all the work experience of the past 13 years, providing more stable and EMC performance for the performance of the meter circuit.
Strong and weak electric separation design. The structural design uses the vertical vertical unidirectional design, and the strong and weak currents are completely separated, so that when the meter is repaired, the weak current part is replaced without power failure in most cases (replace the voltage stabilizer board, main board, metering board, communication board, relay Unit circuit such as driver board).
Features of three CPU designs. The communication interaction, measurement, and display are handled by different CPUs. The purpose of separate measurement calculations is to ensure that measurement calculations do not stop during communication and other tasks, and stop measurement when a large number of communications are stopped.
The energy meter uses an integrated metering chip, which can measure active energy in both positive and negative directions, and accumulate in the same direction, with the function of preventing power theft. Each household has an independent metering module, which does not interfere with each other. Each household can independently measure pulses, which is easy to integrate into the intelligent meter reading system of other manufacturers.

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