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How to install pre-paid energy meters

Views: 信息来源:山东科大中天电子有限公司 发布时间:2014/9/2 Secondary source of information: Shandong University of Science and Technology Zhongtian Electronics Co., Ltd. Release time: 2014/9/2
The market prospects of pre-paid energy meters, the following are a variety of pre-paid electricity meters that are currently required by both the power system management department and specific users:
1) It is suitable to solve the three-phase prepaid electricity meter for small and medium-sized power users / commercial and residential users with large liquidity and tendency to owe fees.
2) One-phase multi-card three-phase pre-paid watt-hour meter suitable for irrigating multiple farmers' households.
3) It is suitable for three-phase multi-rate pre-paid watt-hour meters with rates and time periods.
4) Single-phase multi-rate prepayment electricity meter suitable for implementing the time-of-use electricity price policy for residents.
5) Single-phase prepaid electricity meters suitable for ordinary residents.
Main features of prepaid energy meters:
Large-scale application-specific integrated circuits are used to collect electrical energy signals, which can truly achieve one-house one-meter detection, control, centralized installation, and centralized management.
It can measure the electric energy in two directions, and accumulate in the same direction, effectively preventing the phenomenon of stealing and leakage.
Electricity sales without card: The electricity purchase data of users are sold through handheld terminals or through the electricity sales management system at the property management office.
No-charge shutdown: When the pre-paid power is less than the set value, it will automatically alarm. At 0 degrees, the user's power is automatically cut off.
Real-time display of the user's remaining power.
Remote control cuts off power.
Hardware timing power off: ** It can set 12 timing periods.
Installation of pre-paid energy meters (During the installation of pre-paid meters, the installation position should be kept vertical and connected according to the wiring diagram).
1 Open the end button box cover of the energy meter, and then connect the end button wires according to the wiring diagram to connect the power.
2 The user inserts the pre-purchased power IC card into the meter in the direction of the arrow on the card (the metal contact points to the left). The display first displays F1 and then the current power purchase, and then displays F2 stably. Then the display displays the original remaining power plus the new power The sum is the current remaining power. At this time, the IC card can be removed and the display goes out.
3 When the user uses electricity, the pulse indicator will flash accordingly.
4 During the normal use of the pre-paid meter, it will automatically reduce the amount of electricity purchased. When the remaining power in the energy meter is less than 20 degrees, the display shows the current remaining power to remind the user to purchase electricity.
When the remaining power is equal to 10 degrees, the power failure reminds the user to purchase electricity once. At this time, the user needs to insert the IC card into the energy meter to restore the power supply. When the remaining power is zero, the power supply is stopped.
5 One meter and one card. After each new purchase of electricity, users can only insert their own electricity meters and enter the effective electricity once.
6 The pre-paid meter display is usually off. If the user needs to check the remaining power, the IC card can be inserted into the meter, and the F1 purchase power display shows zero, the F2 remaining power display, and the card pull-out display goes off.
7 Every time the user inserts the IC card into the pre-paid meter, the meter will write all the user's electricity consumption on the IC card. When the user purchases electricity next time, the electricity sales management system reads the IC card data summary and checks whether the user is using it legally. Electricity. The electricity inspector can also use the inspection card to check the user's electricity consumption.
8 The power supply management department sets the user's maximum power consumption load according to the actual situation. When the actual power load exceeds the set value, the power supply is stopped and the meter display shows "E2" to remind the user to reduce the power load. The user needs to insert the IC card into the meter to resume power supply.
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