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Multi-user energy meter technical indicator standard

Views: 信息来源:山东科大中天电子有限公司 发布时间:2014/8/29 Source of information: Shandong University of Science and Technology Zhongtian Electronics Co., Ltd. Release time: 2014/8/29
Energy meters are divided into: multi-user energy meters, prepaid energy meters, intelligent network meters. The domestic market is saturated, the watt-hour meter market has entered a moderate growth period from a period of rapid growth, the entire industry has excess production capacity, competition has become more intense, and the industry's profit margin has decreased. At the same time, as foreign companies gradually participate in domestic watt-hour meter market competition, leading to watt-hour meter companies The operating environment has changed dramatically. However, due to the considerable advantages of the quality and price of domestic energy meters, in recent years, a large number of China's energy meter products have been exported to Southeast Asia, Arabia and Africa, and gradually opened up the European market. With the further deepening of the reform of the electric power system, multiple operating mechanisms such as tertiary production and outsourcing management of projects such as electricity sales and line maintenance have coexisted and become more common, and the diversification of customer bodies has become a trend.
Among them, what are the functional characteristics of multi-user energy meters?
1 The meter structure adopts modular design with strong anti-interference ability;
2 with real-time power display function can display the user's electricity load in real time;
3 It can measure and detect 36 household single-phase or 12 household three-phase meter boxes at the same time, with small volume and convenient installation;
4 The dedicated electric energy meter measurement circuit has a short measurement period, high accuracy and stability;
5 Accurate measurement, long service life, effective prevention of power theft, easy management.
Main Specifications:
Rated voltage: 3 × 220 / 380V;
Pulse constant: 900imp / kWh;
Accuracy level: 1.0 level;
Working voltage range: AC180 ~ 260V;
Measurement index: 0.1 degree;
Data protection: data retention after power failure> 10 years calibration current: 15 (60) A.
Active energy meter:
Electric energy can be converted into various energy. For example, it is converted into thermal energy by electric furnace, mechanical energy by electric motor, and light energy by electric lamp. The electrical energy consumed in these conversions is active electrical energy. The meter that records this energy is the active energy meter.
Reactive energy meter:
The principle of electrical engineering tells us that some electrical devices must first establish a conversion environment when performing energy conversion, such as: electric motors, transformers, and so on. Energy conversion. The electrical energy required to establish magnetic and electric fields is reactive energy. The meter that records this energy is a reactive energy meter. Reactive energy does not consume energy in the electrical device itself, but it will generate reactive current in the electrical circuit, which will cause a certain loss in the circuit. Reactive energy meters are specifically designed to record this loss. Generally, only large units use such meters.
Pay attention when using the energy meter:
In the case of low voltage and small current, the energy meter can be directly connected to the circuit for measurement. In the case of high voltage or high current, the energy meter cannot be directly connected to the line, and it needs to be used with a voltage transformer or a current transformer.
For the energy meter directly connected to the line, it is necessary to select an appropriate specification according to the load voltage and current, so that the rated voltage and current of the energy meter are equal to or slightly larger than the voltage or current of the load. In addition, the power consumption of the load must be more than 10% of the rated value of the energy meter, otherwise the measurement is not allowed. Sometimes it doesn't even turn the aluminum pan at all. Therefore, the energy meter cannot be selected too large. If you choose too small, it is easy to burn out the energy meter.

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